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Flight of Time

Alex McCool

Chapter 1
Once there was a man named Albert. Albert had loved science ever since he was a kid. He grew up with three friends…Rone, Johlen, and Hanson. They worked together to make a time machine. It took many years to build so they had to pass it on to their great great great great grandchildren. They made sure these grandchildren shared their names. Their great (4 x’s) grand children completed it. All that was left was to test it.
“I will do it”, said Johlen. As he got ready to test the machine, he said “Well, see you on the other side”.
“Yeah, you too…..wait….what?!” said Rone. Ten seconds later, Johlen returned with the time machine. He was beaten up and the machine was missing some of it’s pieces. They opened the door and Johlen fell out. “What ..time..has..aliens..ruling.. earth..ever..since..the b.c. era?” asked Johlen.
“What??”, the others asked.
They went into the time machine and looked at the latest location listed. “This is messed up, it’s just numbers and letters that keep changing every millisecond”, said Hanson. She then replied, “I don’t think you were even in our dimension!”
“What? Oh, that would explain the five suns then”, said Johlen.
“Should we travel to see exactly where he went in the TASC ?”asked Albert. “The what??” , the rest of them asked. “Time and Space Continuum”, Albert explained. He looked at everyone and said “Well…..what are we waiting for?”
They all went inside the TASC and traveled to the other dimension that they believed Johlen had been to.

Chapter 2
When the group arrived in the other dimension they were amazed by the technology they found there. They were arrested for being outsiders in an alien society. In jail, a female cop who was working as a guard. Johlen said to this cop, “We are not suppose to be in jail!” “Then where are you suppose to be?”, asked the cop. “In a um, um….dance club?”, Johlen replied. “Really??” the guard asked. “Didn’t anyone teach you that you should tell the truth?”, she added. “Would you believe we are from another dimension?” asked Johlen. “Okay…like I should believe YOU”, said the guard.
“Yes, please do”, pleaded Johlen. The guard looked him over and then replied, “fine, prove it.” Albert then spoke up, “Fine, I will prove it. I’ll use my vortex manipulator.” “Ok, so how many things did you make without telling us?” asked Johlen. Albert replied sheepishly, “a lot.” Albert then teleported out of the jail cell. “Fine, now I will let you loose”, said the guard. “Good”, replied Hanson.
She opened the door for them to leave. “By the way, my name is Lanthe”, the guard informed them. They then heard a loud sound. “Errrey,Errey, Erreyyyyy”. Then over the intercom, they heard the following.. “There is a traitor, we suppose that has freed the prisoners.” “I forgot about the security cameras!” Lanthe cried.
“Go, Go,Go!!” she yelled. They ran as fast as they could. The other officers began shooting at them. Lanthe returned the fire. “Hold onto my hands!” screamed Albert. “Why?” Johlen began to ask. Albert interrupted, yelling “JUST DO IT!” They all did as he said and grabbed his hands. He then teleported the entire group outside of the prison.
They ran to the location where they left the TASC and found that it was gone. “Where is it?” asked Hanson. “Don’t worry, I can teleport us to the TASC.” Said Albert. He then added, “Does anyone know where there would be some plutonium?” “The machine runs on plutonium?” asked Hanson. “Have you never seen

Back to the Future?” asked Albert in reply. He then added, “I just need some plutonium”. “Fine,” said Hanson “I guess we need to find some plutonium.” Lanthe said “Luckily, it is very valuable here. We may have to steal some”. Hanson then asked, “Why would we need to steal it?” “Like I told you , it is very valuable” said Lanthe. “Don’t you have any valuables in your dimension?”, she asked the group. “Oh, so like gold” said Hanson. “Really, in your dimension gold is valuable? Here it is useless” Lanthe replied. “Yes,” Rone said “for us, it is very valuable.” “We need a….” Johlen began and then was interrupted by a guard yelling “Trespassors!”
The gang ran and ran. Lanthe was one of the slowest. “Wait guys!” Albert called out, stopping and looking back with a smile. “The guards are slow but Lanthe is the fastest out of all of them” “Which one is the strong one?” Albert asked. “Me!” Johlen yelled. So Albert told Johlen, “Carry Lanthe.” “O.K.” Johlen replied. He carried her until they found a place to hide.

Chapter 3
They hid in the sewers. “Make sure that a Lankyn doesn’t find us.” Said Lanthe. “Can you show me a picture of a Lankyn?” asked Hanson. “Here,” replied Lanthe while taking out a photo to show them. “So, it is basically a mixture of a cat, a bat and an alligator?” asked Hanson. “I have no idea what those creatures are.” Said Lanthe. “Actually, now that I think of it , we could use it for food.” Suddenly, a Lankyn charged toward them making a noise that sounded much cuter than it did fierce. “Aw, it’s so AAAAHHH!” screamed Hanson. The creature ripped her arm off quickly. It then grew four mouths where the one had been. It began spewing acid everywhere. “Ow, it burns!” Rone screamed. “Really, that hurts you?” asked Lanthe while growing claws where her fingers had been. Lanthe then stabbed the Lankyn with her

claws, killing it quickly. “Why hasn’t your arm grown back yet?” asked Lanthe looking at Hanson. “What makes you think that my arm would grow back?” asked Hanson, in pain.